The Ultimate Guide for Sculptra in Florida

Sculptra Injections

What is Sculptra?

SCULPTRA is a cosmetic treatment that subtly and gradually improves your facial structure without changing its natural architecture. Unlike most fillers, SCULPTRA helps your body produce its own collagen over time to naturally smooth out deep lines, folds, hollowed temples, and wrinkles.

How does Sculptra work?

SCULPTRA is an injectable dermal filler made with poly-L-lactic (PLLA), a substance our bodies naturally produce when we exercise. When injected into the skin, SCULPTRA gradually stimulates your own collagen production, restoring skin thickness and smoothing out folds and sunken facial areas.

How is the Sculptra procedure performed?

Before performing Sculptra, you'll meet with one of our providers to assess the patient's goals and create the correct treatment plan. Moreover, topical anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort and the treatment area is injected with Sculptra. The treatment areas will be massaged to evenly distribute the product for a natural look.


How Much Does Sculptra Cost?

Sculptra costs approximately $750 for each vial.

What to expect

You'll start noticing enhancements in your skin six to eight weeks after your treatment, with subtle changes. The slow and gradual results that increase over time make SCULPTRA unique and desirable. We typically start with one to three sessions dependent on the amount of correction needed. This is how SCULPTRA can achieve the most natural enhancement of collagen production in your skin. Patients can also expect results to last approximately 2 years or select a maintenance plan by having touchups once a year.



The most effective collagen stimulator treatment


Skin glow and facial volume antiaging restoration


Convenient not-surgical procedure


Results can last up to two years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many providers inject SCULPTRA in the face only, but it can be used for the arms, abdomen, glutes, etc.

The quantity of vials required depends on the volume loss in and how many areas you desire to treat. Young patients may require only maintenance- while older patients may need several treatments for full correction.

Even though SCULPTRA is an injectable product, there is no severe pain. Most patients describe SCULPTRA's pain level as a minor discomfort only when the product is being injected.

Most patients see changes in treatment areas between six to eight weeks, with results that last approximately 2 years.

It is recommended to wait at least a couple of hours until you apply makeup again post-procedure.

Yes, SCULPTRA is a safe and effective way to help the body harness its own collagen. Some side effects from the injections are redness, inflammation, swelling, discomfort, bleeding, itching, and temporary bumps.

Well-trained specialists with extensive training in SCULPTRA injections and licensed to perform within the respective state.

The cost of SCULPTRA treatment can range from $750.00 to $3,000.00.

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