Eyelid Lift Surgery

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Why opt for an eyelid lift surgery?

Our eyes convey our emotions, expressions, well being, and can reflect how we are portrayed by others around us. Over time, the skin around our eyes can start to lose its laxity, causing wrinkles, bags, puffiness, and droopy eyelids to appear.

The eyes are often seen as the most important feature of the face, and this occurrence can cause many to feel self-conscious about their facial appearance. In response to aging eyes, Elite Top Aesthetics provides the Eyelid Lift Surgery, clinically known as Blepharoplasty, to tighten our patient’s eyelids.

This minimally invasive procedure can treat conditions including droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, puffy upper and lower eyelids, as well as excess skin and fine wrinkles.

Blepharoplasty Options

Upper Eyelid Surgery:

During this procedure, the surgeon will mark the natural lines and creases of the lids. The incisions will be made along these natural folds, to help minimize the scar visibility.

Lower Eyelid Surgery:

This surgery particularly helps with puffiness in the eyelids. Incisions along the lower eyelid for minimal visible scarring.


The removal of excess skin and or fat around the eyes will give you a more youthful, refreshed look, often times taking 10 years off your appearance!

Although the risk is small, the biggest threat is bleeding, which can occur during or after the procedure. Your risk of bleeding is low if you don’t have elevated blood pressure and are not taking any blood thinners like Aspirin & other NSAID’S.


Unless you have documented vision loss because of sagging upper eyelid skin that interferes with your sight, Medicare and other payers will not cover this procedure. Insurances almost never cover the treatment for bulges of fat or loose lower eyelid skin.

You will receive oral or IV sedation along with a local anesthetic.

Once you are comfortable & relaxed, the areas will be cleansed & the excess skin and fat will be removed through an incision in your natural skin crease so it won’t be noticeable. A suture will be placed below your skin in the upper eyelid and a butterfly strip placed over the suture. Often, no sutures are needed when bulging fat is removed from your lower eyelids.

You will undergo an eye exam with one of our experts to assess your vision & tear production. You may need medical clearance from your family doctor depending on your age & your health.


The eyelid lift procedure benefits both men and women of a variety of ages and skin types. This procedure is beneficial for healthy individuals that have excess skin or fine lines around the eyes that can cause the eyes to appear tired. If you have lines, wrinkles, puffiness, or sagging skin around the eyes, you could benefit from a Blepharoplasty.


You will need to apply ice for the first several days & avoid anything strenuous for about a week. You will need to carefully follow your instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.


We offer competitive pricing when compared with similarly trained physicians in our area. The charge depends on whether you require treatment of just the upper or lower eyelid or if you need both upper & lower eyelids treated. If you require correction of loose lower eyelids, additional charges will apply. You will receive a discount when both upper & lower eyelids are treated at the same time and when eyelid surgery is combined with lower face & neck lift surgery. Your procedure will take place safely & comfortably.


You will experience minimal discomfort for the first day or two. You may experience swelling & trace black and blue that may take a week to resolve.

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Our Safety Program

The Elite Top Aesthetics Safety Program involves our patients, surgeon, nurses, staff, and patient families or other caregivers all working together toward a common goal: Assuring the safest possible surgical experience.

Steps to Ensure Your Safety

At Elite Top Aesthetics, your safety is our number one priority. To make sure that we do everything possible to maintain your safety, we have formalized our steps into The Elite Top Aesthetics Patient Safety Program which includes these elements:


We ask you to describe in detail any medical problems, medications you take, and any previous surgeries. This allows us to understand any special needs you may have.


We send anyone with questionable or known medical problems to see their primary care physician or any necessary specialists prior to recommending surgery.


Since all of our surgical patients have been deemed to be good candidates, it has proven to be quite safe for you to recover at home with contact from our providers.


We uphold the strictest hiring and educational criteria in our nursing staff to make certain you are well cared for by qualified staff before, and after your procedures.


We have the most modern monitoring and life-saving equipment on site. We maintain a binding transfer agreement with the Cleveland Clinic, should there be a need for hospital care following a procedure.


We provide detailed pre and post-operative teaching with written instructions to you, so you know what to expect before and after your procedure. We have 24-hour physician coverage.

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