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Why opt for PDO Threads?

It was not too long ago that the only treatment for skin laxity and drooping skin was a surgical Face Lift procedure. Nowadays, many patients are utilizing technology to replenish skin, reverse the signs of aging and lift the facial profile.

Elite Top Aesthetics offers PDO Threads as a revolutionary treatment that decreases wrinkles and fine lines resulting in a more enhanced and elastic skin appearance. PDO threads are a suture like material that is commonly used in surgical procedures. When used aesthetically, PDO threads can subtly lift the facial features, stimulate collagen production, and contract fat tissue to instantly tighten skin. The PDO Thread treatment provides immediate “Face Lift” like results with minimal downtime, and no surgical procedure.

At Elite Top Aesthetics, our team offers PDO threads in a variety of textures, including “Barbed PDO Threads” and “Twist PDO Threads” with each thread texture providing a treatment outcome that targets specific areas of concern. Contact Elite Top Aesthetics for a free consultation to individualize your PDO Thread treatment for your aesthetic goals.

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